Cool Nature: 50 Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages by Amy-Jane Beer tells you about all sorts of things in nature, and it is also an activity book that has experiments or activities you can do to explore nature. You learn about things like spotting animal footprints. That is an activity in the book, and it tells you what to look for, and how to record the prints or tracks you see. You can read about the oceans, like how they formed and about the life that lives in them. Then you can learn about how you can turn salt water into drinking water. You can learn about pollination and it tells you how to make seed bombs, where you take wet clay and put plants that don’t take much to grow in it. Then you throw the seed bombs into places where there aren’t very many plants. You learn about things from how the earth formed to insects and bacteria.

“This simple trick saves lives by magicking up drinkable water where there is none. In some parts of the world distilled seawater is the main source of potable water for whole communities, but you can try it on a small scale in your back garden or on a windowsill.”

This is a great book to have a parent read with you and do the experiments with you, or if you are a child who is older you can read about it and do the experiments on your own. The book is not very brightly colored, but it is colorful and fun to look at while you are reading, and it has really great information. There is a lot to learn here and it is all very fun!