Many times marriages hit rough spots or the word marriage scares many people. A relationship is a huge step and commitment. Drs. Don Desroches and Dana Greco wrote the book Conscious Coupling to help with the common issues that could arise in a relationship. These doctors are both divorce mediators but have been through real life divorce and marriage problems which allows the reader to be more on a common level. They share their stories at the beginning of the book as well as point out that the book should be read by both parties in the relationship to get the most out of it.

“Having beliefs in your partner’s capabilities will help build layers of trust.”

Each section of the book has a chapter for each author which means that each section has two chapters; one from her side and one from his side. The sections include many key components such as trust, money, parenting, sex, and domestic violence. These are issues that are common and want to be discussed calmly and with reason. Most couples might not be on agreeance with how they parent or who is right but being able to listen to both sides and make a decision will make the marriage a success. They also discuss if it is the right time to get married and lists reasons that you might want to rethink marriage if the reasons are unhealthy. Lastly, they discuss if they marriage/relationship is worth saving or if it really is time to hand in the papers and separate.