Here we have a tiny (six-by-six inches) vegan cookbook Comfort Eating with Nick Cave though author Automne Zingg does not tell us who Cave is with whom she shares comfort foods. The recipe ingredients and instructions look if they were written for the recipe writer Joshua Ploeg for his own use in his vegan kitchen; they are primitive without any separation of the various preparations in the recipes. In many recipes the author doesn’t follow the accepted recipe standard to list ingredients according to their use in the preparation. Instructions are often unclear and not precise; she uses terms such a “you may do this or that,” “you may add…,” “heat to 350 degrees or a little hotter.” These are confusing. The listings of ingredients are user-unfriendly and vague. She uses odd ingredients such as toasted toast, and some may not be easy to find (canary beans). Each recipe is illustrated with a simple sketch related to the recipe but these are not illustrations of the final products. These are going to be two-color sketches (the reviewer’s copy is advanced reader copy with black-and-white). Only the author and recipe writer can use these recipes with some confidence.