Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica is a collection of erotic short stories featuring (as you can probably imagine) sex toys. This collection is astonishingly diverse and includes stories featuring strap ons, vibrators, and vegetables, along with fantasy inventions the likes of which cannot be found in stores.

The writing styles found in Come Again are very similar from piece to piece, creating a cohesive feel, while the subject matter is widely varied. Rachel Kramer Bussel has chosen stories containing characters of all genders, sexual orientations, and ages; engaging in an ample array of sexual acts. The collection also covers a spectrum of varying levels of plausibility, ranging from the probable to science fiction.

“She grinned at her reflection, feeling liberated. She let a hand caress her body, moving along her goose-pimpled flesh.”

Due in part to my own personal inclinations and in part to flat writing, many of the stories failed to engage me. It seems that while a broad range of subject matter adds dimension to a collection, too broad of a range leads to each reader only being engaged by a few of the stories. While the writing itself was less than superb, and the many of the stories lacked appeal, the sheer diversity of this collection makes it alluring and its expansion of the current dialogue on sex toys and their uses is a valuable addition to the genre of erotica.