Cody and the Rules of Life is kind of about two people: Cody, and her older brother, Wyatt. Wyatt wants to get a new bike, called The Cobra, but when he gets it, he seems to love it more than he loves Cody, because he doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. But then his bike got stolen. The other part was about Cody. She had a favorite stuffed animal, but one night she went to a sleepover with a friend and they decided to switch stuffed animals. Then Cody decided she actually wanted to switch back, but she had to leave before she could tell her friend that.

“Cody never thought she’d agree with her rookie teacher, but having no rules felt strange. Even a little scary. Like, who is in charge here? And who knows what might happen next?”

You will like this book because it’s Cody is in realistic situations, and she has to figure out what to do. She makes good choices, but she doesn’t always make good choices, so she has to learn the right thing. Cody and Wyatt are nice to each other, and in the end Wyatt learns that his sister is more important than his bike. This book is very easy to read, and has fun pictures that go along with the story. Author Tricia Springstubb has written a really fun book for older children; she has written other books about Cody, and now I want to read them too!