Most young children are fascinated by big construction machines, and the older they get, the more questions they have. How do front loaders, wrecking balls, cement mixers, and other big trucks work? What jobs do they do in construction sites and around town? For the young reader with big questions and busy hands, a book like Building Machines is sure to provide plenty of entertainment.

“When the old building has been cleared away, the ground is lumpy and bumpy. It has to be made flat and level before new work can begin.”

This unique book features a detachable cardboard pegboard, plastic nuts and bolts, and a wide variety of sturdy cardboard machine pieces that can be assembled into nine different construction vehicles. Each vehicle has a two-page spread, most of which contains cute illustrations and facts about the vehicle that will satisfy young readers’ curiosity. At the bottom of each spread is also step-by-step instructions for how to use the pieces to actually build the machine! Each machine has one or more “moving” parts; kids will love making wheels turn, buckets push and dump, arms extend, and more! The instructions are a little complicated; depending on the child’s age, some amount of parental assistance will likely be required. Expect the book to get battered with time, and keep an eye on those little pieces!