Kaylin McFarren’s Banished Threads has it all: suspense, mystery and romance. Chase Cohen is a treasure hunter who has made plenty of mistakes in his lifetime, however, getting his business partner Rachel Lyons pregnant and asking her to marry him was not one of them. With characters who are damaged, flawed, and completely relatable to readers, McFarren breathes life into every character throughout every page with pure raw emotion, leaving you on the edge of your seat and a pounding in your chest.

Chase adores Rachel, but experiences in her past have made her reluctant to fully trust in anyone but herself. In an attempt to receive Rachel’s uncle Paul’s blessing on their impending marriage, the pair travel to London to spend a week on dry land in hopes of winning over his favor, which won’t be easy. Nevertheless, what they walked into was a series of events and encounters that put their relationship on ends, made Rachel question her parentage and what she thought she knew about her family, and put themselves and those they care about in great danger.

As Banished Threads unravels a poignantly penned suspense filled mystery, throughout the story is this common thread—from beginning to end—of whether or not Chase and Rachel will ever be able to overcome their emotional issues to be what each other needs and the potential healing of family estrangement. At some point in our lives, we have all had insecurity about abandonment, losing someone we love, or trust issues from being let down by someone you care about. What we often fail to see is how those experiences shape our lives and future decisions. I loved uncovering the mystery, but even more, I loved being a part of the evolving love story of Chase and Rachel as they decided whether to overcome their experiences or become a victim of them.