The Babar Collection: Five Classic Stories

The Babar Collection: Five Classic Storie” by Jean de Brunhoff has stories about Babar, the elephant. The first story talks about how Babar lost his parents and ran away to Paris, where he learned to wear clothes and became friends with an old, rich lady. When he went back to the land of the elephants, the elephants chose him as king, because their king had died. In the second story, Babar and his Queen, Celeste, go off on their honeymoon and they have a lot of adventures and they meet the old lady again. They ask her to come see their beautiful land, but when they arrive once more, everything is ugly and mashed and destroyed. The elephants were all bandaged and wounded, because they had been in a war with the rhinoceroses. So Babar had an idea. He made a great disguise for the elephants to scare all rhinoceroses. In the third story, King Babar fixed up the elephants’ land again, and in the fourth story, Babar had three children, two boys and one girl. Well he didn’t, but his wife did, Celeste the Queen. The last story is about Babar going to find Father Christmas.

 “‘Long live Queen Celeste! Long live King Babar!!’ the elephants shouted with one voice. And that was how Babar became King.”

This book is funny and very cute. The stories are very interesting and they have very good cute pictures. The book is very long because the stories are quite long, and the only problem is, the words are in cursive and they are hard to read, so you might need an older person to read the stories to you. But even if you can’t read the stories on your own you will like looking at the pictures. The elephants always dress so nicely and do a lot of fun things. The three elephant children are really cute and do lots of funny things! You will love reading about Babar and his family and his adventures.