Ward Larsen has created a super assassin the likes of Jason Bourne. In Assassin’s Silence, David Slaton is a former Mossad operative who has gone dark and has been living under the radar as a stonemason in Malta. His life is quiet and serene until a team of mercenaries blow his cover in a gun battle on the streets of Malta, throwing Slaton back in the assassin game as he tries to work out who is trying to kill him and why. In his attempts to get one step ahead of the hired guns chasing him, Slaton leaves a slew of dead bodies across multiple countries. At the same time, the CIA is working in the opposite direction to determine the location of a cargo plane that has gone missing over Brazil with unique modifications that make it ripe for use with weapons of mass destruction. Slaton and the CIA have to team up to thwart the attack and discover the man behind the attempts on Slaton’s life.

“The plan was audacious. It was stricken with risk, and Slaton would have only one chance to get it right. Which was perhaps why he liked it.”

Larsen has created an assassin thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, anxiously awaiting the next plot twist. Slaton is the perfect assassin and yet Larsen has developed his character so thoroughly that you are rooting for him to kill the bad guys and secure the quiet life he desires. The plot left me guessing who the bad guy was until the very end and Larsen gave little away as to his identity. This was an action packed thriller with lots of wonderful surprises I didn’t see coming. The only negative for me is that I wish Larsen would have divulged a bit more detail about how the villain discovered David Slaton’s secret identity and location for my own curiosity, but the lack of information didn’t take anything away from the suspense.