Even though Ryan McArthur didn’t pen the well-known inspirational quotes that line the pages of Artfully Spoken, his creativity may match the likes of those who did- Einstein, Tolstoy, Wilde, DaVinci. This small book features minimalist and modern, almost graphic design inspired art representations of deep, thoughtful quotations. Mirroring every page of art is a brief glimpse into the mind of McArthur- what that quote brings to his life, and what it may bring to others. In this short descriptions tidbits about the original author of the quote is shared- he says that Oscar Wilde was the first person to be “famous for being famous” and Edison “took no shame in perfecting the work of other people”.

“Is a painter only a painter when he is painting?”

This book is not only a wonderful collection of art, it encourages readers to think deeply about their lives and the world around them. The quotes chosen have a wide range of applicability, from those graduating high school, to parents, teachers, and those struggling to find their way. McArthur brings a fresh twist on the inspirational book, and it’s refreshing that these quotes are not plastered on an overused meme shared on Facebook. Artfully Spoken is filled with creative and thoughtful art and will appeal to anyone looking for a reprieve from the fast paced world around them. As one of the illustrations with a quote from Albert Camus begs, “you cannot create experience, you must undergo it”.