It’s late, and little Nina is almost asleep… or is she?! Before mom and dad know it, Nina is out of bed and back out in the living room, making messes and causing mischief with the rest of the family. Can they convince her to leave the desserts alone and go back to sleep before tiredness gets the best of them all?

 “Get down, young lady! That’s not how we act. You’re going to bed this instant, and that’s a fact…”

Little ones will love watching this young girl’s antics in An After Bedtime Story. Shoham Smith perfectly captures the struggle that parents and kids face night after night. The words have a little bit of rhyme, a little bit of cadence, and overall are great for reading aloud at bedtime, at naptime, or anytime. Little ones will enjoy Einat Tsarfati’s digital illustrations, heavy in yellows and pinks, and the variety of facial expressions on the faces of Nina, her parents, and the rest of the party guests. This is a cute story that readers of all ages will identify with; it’s guaranteed to leave smiles on the faces of all.