The stories, songs, crafts, and pictures in this short book tell about China, both from long ago as well as modern day. The stories describe how China and the world came to be. The crafts are fun and do not require a lot of objects that you do not already have around the house. The only craft that would take some time is the one that asks you to use calligraphy to decorate a card. Other than that the crafts should not take too long but still introduce you to Chinese culture.

“We live in an amazing culture, where the people share centuries-old traditions and beliefs.”

All About China by Allison Branscombe is a nice book to be introduced to the huge culture that is China. Ms. Branscombe includes the history of the dynasties, customs, beliefs, dos and don’ts, and gives you a taste of China. It is not very thorough, as there are books that are lots and lots of pages long about each of these subjects, but it is a good book for kids to read to know about a lot of different aspects of China.

If you are trying to write a report about China for elementary school, or just want to learn a little bit about a lot of different aspects of China, this would be a good book.