A Trip to Jeremyville by Jeremy Ville is a coloring book with approximately 130 pages. Every page is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to relieve stress through relaxation. It is very easy to lose oneself in the work of Jeremyville. Coloring has been proven to relieve stress, however this artist takes it one step further by promoting mind-healthy messages, such as “Create the stars in your night,” and “Grow love daily.”.

“We’ll meet some day in the so far away.”

Every message has a brain-bending picture to color that allows us to dwell on the words and allow them to sink in. There are plenty of city-related scenes that manage to make the hectic environments seem peaceful. It’s hard to imagine a better evening than just relaxing, putting on some tunes, and sitting around filling in the pictures from A Trip to Jeremyville. The artist’s unique styles and characters make this by far one of the best coloring books around. It’s time to give your mind the break it deserves.