A Suitable Affair is a period romance/mystery piece set in London in 1813. Lady Susanna is from a prominent and respectable family, yet she loves to push the envelope on propriety- never quite going too far for society backlash. Lord Westcott, however, enjoys being inappropriate and dallying on the side of impropriety with no cares for societies opinion of himself as he has spent the previous decade in service of the army and not ensconced in society and their ridiculous notions. When Lord Westcott suggests that Lady Susanna’s soon-to-be betrothed, Lord Riverton, may not be the gentleman he plays himself at being, Susanna and Westcott begin a tentative partnership in the hopes of catching a serial killer and bringing Westcott and his family some closure after his sister’s kidnapping and murder three years before.

“She did not need another man in her life telling her what to do. She was happy and comfortable with Riverton. Westcott was nothing but a nuisance.”

Erica Taylor has a true talent in creating dynamic characters and unfurling a mystery that is so well developed that the reader can’t help but be shocked by the surprising conclusion. The banter and byplay between Westcott and Lady Susanna was so much fun that by the time I finished the story, I wanted to pick it right back up and start over from the beginning.