How can three women pull off multiple con -jobs luring rich men away from all of their possessions and simply disappear, along with the trail of millions of dollars? That is exactly what PI Bart Northcote has been hired to do in this third book of the Bart Northcote series, A New Family by Murray Lee Eiland Jr.. Bart’s one man PI operation has spurred a series of bestselling books based off of his previous cases; however, his one man operation has suddenly expanded to include three gorgeous and talented women who have invited themselves to be apart of the team in hopes of finding the mysterious con-artists and earning their share of the large payout if they can recover the missing money. Bart’s new book is looking sexier and sexier, but can they find the women responsible for leaving rich men heartbroken and desolate all over the world and even more importantly, will they be able to recover the millions they have stolen?

“The fate of the universe did not hang upon our success, but it was potentially worth a lot of money”

These books are stand-alone books as part of a larger continuing series about Bart Northcote and the trouble his PI cases get him into. They are filled with humor and a legitimate amount of intellect and sleuthing to solve the mystery. I love that Bart is a regular guy who seems to constantly have the company of gorgeous and exotic women, even when he doesn’t exactly want them all within such close quarters. The witty byplay between characters was entertaining and provided a great foundation for Bart’s relationships with the women in his life. The next book in the series has a lot of reputation to live up to considering Bart shared his house with three beautiful women and traveled all over the world as a modern day Sherlock Holmes in this latest book creating his own “New Family”.