Ever wondered how to build an IED, knife fight like a pro, or totally incinerate a corpse? Perhaps you have yearned to know how to avoid detection and survive for an extended time off the grid, or maybe you simply wish to know how to stay safe in the face of unpredictable threats. Clint Emerson, a former Navy SEAL, has compiled 100 Deadly Skills that will transform you from a cowering victim to a powerful and autonomous being capable of evasion, detection, and fighting back.

“Carried separately, each of these items — a roll of coins, a few stray nails, a pair of socks — is non-threatening. But when a Nomad senses danger ahead, they can be assembled into effective options for self-defense in under a minute’s time.”

Don’t let the title fool you; unlike other, similarly-titled books, the skills contained in this book are truly deadly: they will assist you in your quest to become a threat to the lives of others. Among the many skills described are lock picking, carjacking, offensive driving, weapon concealment, weapon improvisation, waging psychological warfare, and lethal combat tactics, which will transform the average helpless bystander into a credible menace to any hostile. Informative pictures and outstanding organization make this work an excellent reference tome, and for the more pacifically inclined, a basic tip for improving chances of survival is included in skill’s listing. For gaining lethal abilities, developing the mindset of a survivor, or simply for entertaining, this book is a must-read.