Tomatomania!: A Fresh Approach to Celebrating Tomatoes in the Garden and in the Kitchen
by Scott Daigre, Jenn Garbee
Released January 27th 2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781250057280
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
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The humble tomato just might be one of the most beloved plants in the quintessential summer garden. And with so many varieties out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose what kind to grow! A good old paste tomato, for sauces and such? A hearty beefsteak, to adorn burgers and salads? One of those unusually-colored and lumpy heirloom varieties? Authors Scott Daigre and Jenn Garbee think there’s no good reason to choose just one! Daigre just so happens to be the owner of Tomatomania, an annual sale and celebration of all things tomato, and now the book of the same name offers tomato wisdom and inspiration to the masses.

Tomatomania! is a lot of things: a how-to book (because gardeners of all ability levels sometimes could use a little help!), an answer guide, a cookbook, a gorgeous collection of garden photography. Readers can find basic instructions for getting their own summer tomatoes planted, or advice for dealing with common pests. Discover why it’s best to pick tomatoes at the peak of ripeness. Find an assortment of mouthwatering recipes featuring all that garden bounty: Sam’s Tomato Sourdough, Tomato-Vanilla Bean Marmalade, Pineapple (Tomato) Upside-Down Cake. Or just enjoy the pictures; the photos in this book will have readers dreaming themselves into summer. Whether a seasoned tomato-lover or a newbie, Tomatomania! is sure to get everyone hungry for tomatoes.

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